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Gay, Lesbian & Bi Issues

Some of my best friends are gay.  Tired cliché it’s true, but how else do I communicate my understanding to you?  Two of my closest friends in high school were gay.  I did one of my therapy school internships at AIDS Project Los Angeles.  I worked as a therapist at Waterloo Counseling Center (which serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual and HIV/AIDS community of Austin) for six years.  And a bunch of my friends are gay.

So I recognize that while we’re all human, and therefore more like one another than not, there are distinct and different issues that arise from being gay, lesbian, or bi.  How do you define your relationships? For lots of lesbian/gay couples there’s the issue of children. And though HIV and AIDS aren’t exclusive to the gay community, it’s certainly a huge issue with its own complexities. 

I understand that while the issues are different, you’re not.